Triveni Yoga Physiotherapy (The Spine)

Lumbar (L1-L5) is in the structure of the premise of support for the body can have a wide range of activities and the formation of the body parts. From the lower edge of the thorax to the upper edge of the pelvis, only the lumbar vertebrae are connected. Therefore, we can in the waist around the four directions of the depth of bending and around the reverse. Here, the body has a large group of muscle groups can provide some support. Lumbar vertebrae of the relatively thick vertebrae, layers of stacking them together, separated from each other with intervertebral disc. The disc looks round, flat, like jelly-like capsules. They play a vital role in physical health and spine movement. The disc surface is rough, the inner layer is very soft, like the orange petals wrapped in jelly, like a bag full of jam donuts. When these discs are in a healthy state, they can separate the vertebrae from each other and allow all waist movements to flow smoothly.

The fine energy or gas flowing in this area is called “samana vayu”. The main physiological function of the balance wind is digestion. In other words, it breaks down the food we eat into nutritious ingredients or the waste that needs to be drained from the body. If the balance of the wind, then, with the relevant emotions are jealous. When we are through the reverse and a variety of core exercises to properly purify this road, we will naturally for others to achieve the achievements of joy. When the wind is not working well, it becomes the source of all the lower back injuries and can cause problems with many digestive systems.

What are the damage to the lower back?

1. Serious Injury

If you put pressure on the side of the disc is too large, will lead to the original package of jelly-like material was squeezed out. If these jelly did not break through the rough surface, but only caused a permanent protrusions, which is “lumbar disc bulging”. If this protrusion oppresses any nerve tissue in this area, such as the spinal cord or the protruding nerve, it can cause pain. If the jelly-like substance ran out of the surface, it was “lumbar disc herniation”. At this point, this jelly-like substance into the body can cause pain, and because the tissue of this disc can not be regenerated, so the spine can no longer completely recovered. Although rare cases of vertebral fractures appear, but due to intervertebral disc injury caused by the friction between the vertebrae and further lead to bone spurs and pain is common.

2. Minor Damage

Other minor injuries are usually muscle-related. Psoas muscle, lumbar muscle and hamstring can cause back pain. If the above-mentioned muscles themselves are injured, weaker, or too tight will seriously affect the activities of the lower back range. The above factors can lead to precursory discomfort and limitations of action. If these methods are too much force, the spine will be offset from the anteroposterior position. If you usually do not use these muscles and years old sitting improperly, these muscles will produce scar tissue. Incorrect sitting position is easy for the lumbar spine to lose its normal forward physiological curvature, and become the curvature of the anti-arch. These incorrect poses are not only in the office chair, but also in the sitting body. Long pressure to the disc will lead to bulging, and then slowly evolved into lumbar degenerative disease.

Dehydrated intervertebral discs, weak muscles, strong folds, and lifting weights can cause permanent intervertebral disc damage. Incorrect dietary structure can cause disc disinfection. Incorrect posture and lack of exercise lead to weakness in dry bones and muscles. Almost all the design of ordinary chairs are very bad, can not give good support to the lumbar spine. Most of the car’s barrel seats and aircraft economy class seats are particularly bad.

Yoga in the back of the injury under the action and solutions

1. when the hamstring is still tight, barely bent forward

Solution: For standing front bend, the method may be knees. Why is it helpful to knees? Because the ability of the pelvis to move forward – is necessary for any flexion – largely depends on the flexibility of the hamstring. If they are tight, they will pull the pelvis backwards. Knees to the hamstring more space, so that the pelvis forward.

For sitting position flexion, you can knees or sit on a blanket, pillow or brick. Place the auxiliary under the ischial bone so that the pelvis can lean forward gently.

2. Excessive Curly Bone

Recommendation: you can imagine the pelvis into a real bowl, which contains your favorite noodles. In order to keep your back healthy, you need to imagine keeping the pelvis in a horizontal position so that no soup will overflow from the front or back! Many teachers will be too much to tell students too much tail. But the degree of curly tail is different from person to person. If the teacher does not know how to see the student situation, their instructions may be harmful! We found that many students had excessive curly tail, which could lead to chronic lower back discomfort.

3. Due to the core weak lead to lower back collapse

Developing a strong core will help keep the abdominal organs supported and prevent the collapse of the lower back. Frequently, students with weak core muscles in their need to strong core to support the body of the body will hurt their lower back, such as four-pillar support or handstand. The solution is to ensure that you strengthen the core in a balanced way and do not overreact the body to the extent that you can not do the proper anteroposterior. Again, you have to follow a qualified teacher who knows where you are right.

Extra Benefit

In addition can help the disc health style is inverted. The spine is porous, and every time you do it, you move up the body along the spine. These body fluids nourish the discs. In fact, this is one of the few ways to nourish the disc, because no blood flows directly through them.

The range of lower back pain can cause us to be weak to mild discomfort, but whichever one, it becomes an extreme injury that limits you. Deprived us of so much activity, and sometimes replaced by great pain, which is physically, socially and emotionally harmful. Need to work hard to practice the correct style and develop the body’s consciousness to ensure that do not hurt the lower back. And if you hurt the lower back, take the time properly, with respect to the treatment so that it can be quickly cured. Safe practice style, so that you can practice for the rest of his life.



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