Triveni Yoga Physiotherapy (Knee)

This article was written by Stéphane Dreyfus and Jessica Kung Dreyfus

The knee is a fascinating and complex creation in the human body. Because of its ligament staggered, less blood flow and more flexible characteristics, the knee is both a source of freedom and a potential source of pain. For our daily life and yoga exercises, we must do our best for the rest of his life to keep the joints healthy .

When the knee is injured, we will not only experience more pain than other joints, and more seriously, our daily life and yoga mat on the flexibility will be subject to restrictions. It is also worth noting that the knee joint acts as a main joint of the lower body, which is associated with prevailing winds and descending winds. Obstruction of the wind will lead to increasingly ignorant of the spiritual concept, and the downwind of the obstruction will often lead to emotional arrogance, stingy or caught in the scope of the ability to do beyond the range of self-pain caused. Standing and walking will become painful, there will be emotional pressure.Some sitting style may be completely beyond the limit.

Ultimately, the worst of the knee injury is that it is very slow to recover, or unfortunately some of the injuries can not heal unless surgery is done. This is due to the complexity of this joint ligament and almost no blood flow through the region caused by the common cause of connective tissue.

1. How do we avoid knee injuries?

One of the easiest ways to avoid harm is to develop a strong, clear sense of the body. Do you be able to maintain enough awareness of your own physical experience in a classroom lesson and can you distinguish between a strong stretch and a pain? It’s harder than we ever imagined. In our modern society, too much emphasis on speed, performance and efficiency, people will ignore their own body issued a warning is not surprising. The perfect example of the conflict between the expansion and the safety consciousness is the full lotus.

Because this is a symbolic style, some have not yet reached the level of yoga practitioners will be reluctant to do. This is almost always at the expense of the expense of the knee. As long as there is a little bit of patience and awareness, we can quickly detect whether the whole lotus knee to the excessive pressure. Cultivating the ability to listen to the body to convey information and then follow it is the basis for avoiding harm.

In most of the standstones, there are two good principles to observe and ensure the safety of the knee. For the type of warrior type and warrior type, the ideal posture is the front thigh parallel to the floor, the knee was 90 degrees angle. Because the knees form the way, when it is 90 degrees, the front leg calf tibia supports the front of the femur. Structurally speaking, this is a stable posture. Unfortunately, this is another place where people will cheat, the front legs of the knee over the ankle. The result is that the bones can no longer support the body, and the ligaments at the knee are forced to bear the full weight of the thighs and torso. If a student repeats improperly doing this, they are likely to have knee problems.

The main point of the other standstill is to make sure that the front knee is always spinning to the front of the front toe, or to the front knee to spin a little bit until the student can see their big toe position. This can avoid the pressure on the middle and the lateral knee ligaments.

2. How to continue yoga after a knee injury?

You do not have to stop your practice completely because of a knee injury. But when you practice, you have to move slowly and avoid any knees that feel uncomfortable. You should go to a doctor or physiotherapist and let them guide you to healing. In the knees of the sitting position, the most important thing is to ensure that the knee has more space.

Before entering the sitting style, you can put a good roll of small towels, or carefully folded yoga belt on hand.

When you need to buckle the injured knee, put the towel or yoga strap in the back of the knee. So when you knees, the joints will be gently open, thereby reducing the pressure on the ligament, bring more sense of space.

As we say, the pain of the knee is more difficult to recover. Serious injury can never be cured, or need to repair the ligament by surgery. If it is a slight injury, may also need a few years time will feel intact as ever. Some dietary nutrients can heal the process. But with any new or unconventional nutrients, should first consult a doctor or dietitian. Stephane teacher knee injury, a pure plant chondroitin is very effective. He has been taking 90% of his knee until healed.

Hope that through the above information, you can better protect and care for your knees. By taking care of your body so important a part, and thus develop your awareness of the body, will also greatly help you the overall yoga practice. Use your growing wisdom to make you and your students’ lives are getting better and better!


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