Triveni Yoga Physiotherapy (Neck)

Keeping the neck healthy is extremely important to healthy, painless life. The neck symbolizes the bridge between sensibility and reason, and the neck is actually the bridge between the human heart and the brain. From the perspective of the subtle body, the base of the neck is the source of the upwind (UdanaVayu). This is the source of all our ignorance when it runs poorly; when it runs smoothly, it is the source of our satisfaction. From the point of view of the flesh, the neck not only provides structural support for our head, it also supplies the head of blood, and in structure makes a lot of nerve can be connected from the brain to other parts of the body. Cervical spine is an important factor in determining neck health. The cervical vertebra consists of the first seven vertebrae, supporting the skull.

C1 (the first section of the cervical spine) is a small bone, called the atlas (Atlas), in fact, support the bottom of the skull.

C7 (Section VII Cervical) is a large vertebrae, at the bottom of the neck, we can easily feel it. This part of the spine forms the curl of the front song. That is, when we see the bones of a healthy upright person from the side, we can easily see the soft curves that bend toward the front of the body. Like all the curves of the spine, the curl is a movement that provides a specific structural support for the movement of our body within a certain range. When we lose the natural curvature of the neck, the body will appear in a variety of diseases.

Loss of neck curvature = neck pain

Among the Chinese students we meet, neck pain is very common, need to bring everyone to wake up. Neck pain is often accompanied by the disappearance of necks, often with headaches and insomnia symptoms. Why the disappearance of the single neck will bring such a pain? When the curvature disappeared, the vertebra will form a forward tilt, simple stack of a pile, then there will be some of the following phenomena.

Imagine you holding a bowling, or a similar weight. Bending the arm, the elbow raised to no less than the height between, then we can effortlessly let the ball stay for a long time in the reverse up the palm. From the wrist to the shoulder to form the skeletal structure in support of the weight. Imagine you straighten your arms and hold the ball in front of your body. Now you will feel the full weight of the ball, you must arm muscles very hard to keep the ball will not fall! Imagine your neck muscles in the decades of life to try to support the weight of 9 to 10 pounds.

Maintaining this wrong posture will result in continuous compression of the space between the cervical vertebrae. Stress on the nerves will diminish its function and cause pain. Ultimately, when the pressure on the nerve reaches a certain intensity, the pain will spread along the nerve, and even bring about the relevant organs, such as heart, lung, stomach, etc., serious problems.

How did the necklace disappear?

1. In the daily life of the formation of bad posture

In human society, the health of the neck is facing one of the biggest threats than the lack of awareness of the years before sitting in front of the computer. And has been staring at the smart phone for several hours to make the situation worse.

2. Yoga in the formation of the incorrect position method

In the absence of a blanket under the shoulder to practice the case of inverted shoulder is the cause of neck in yoga practice, the main reason for injury. Towels can not play the same role. The reason is that the main purpose of the blanket is to provide a stable structure to support the release of the neck pressure and keep the neck to keep the natural neck. The towel is so soft that it can not play the same support.

The correct posture is as follows:

In the shoulder inverted, any part of the neck should not touch the floor. If your neck touches the floor, then in fact you are doing the neck upside down instead of the shoulder upside down. Especially when a yoga practitioner on the back of the power is not strong enough, it will be the weight of most of the body pressure on the C7 . Thus causing pain and eventually making the natural neck curl flattened. So you have to work with a qualified teacher to find the right side of your shoulder and how many blankets are suitable for you. This article is only a start to learn how to protect the neck.

How to heal the neck

First, stop again! Make sure you use enough blankets to keep the cervical spine off the ground and find a way to develop a high degree of awareness of your posture when using computers and mobile phones.

There are a lot of exercises you can start doing to rebuild your necklace and strengthen the muscles that can keep the necklace safe. Here’s a simple exercise you can do, supine on a mat. Bend your knees, feet flat on the ground, then stretch your arms on the side of the body.Bend the elbow, make “the arm of the robot”. Press the elbow, feel a slight increase in the chest, and then firmly down the back of the pressure pad, do not need to lift or lower your chin. Remember to keep breathing, and switch between sheets. Remember that all these exercises need to be carried out under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

Keeping neck health vital, it allows the body away from the pain, and can make many muscles and organs in the best condition operation. Take the time to learn what you need to do to protect the neck and keep a healthy necklace.


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