Top Ten Practices for Re-sensitizing and Quieting your mind (Pratyahara)

Top Ten Practices for Re-sensitizing and Quieting your mind (Pratyahara)

10.  Create a sacred space in your home for meditation

We have dedicated spaces in our homes for eating, washing, sleeping, working, and many of the activities that we consider essential. If peace of mind is as important as any one of those, then you have to make space for it in your home. Once you create that space in your home, you have paved the way for a quiet space in your mind.

9.  Create an Altar
Pratyahara is a process of withdrawing the senses. A great way to prepare for that kind of suspension is to start to elevate your senses through offering. An altar is a way of offering things of beauty and honoring those beings and ideals that inspire you.
8. Replace 15 minutes of TV/Netflix/Youtube/etc. with 15 minutes of meditation.

How much do you want it? Every moment that you are exposing your mind to toxic blah blah, you are losing what precious time you have to overcome distraction and reach your personal goals.

7. Avoid multii-tasking

While it may seem like it, you are not doing many things at once when you multitask. Rather, your mind is strobing back and forth between multiple objects. This is deeply draining to the energy of the subtle body. Center, focus, slow down. Focusing on one task at a time will increase your efficacy in the long run.

6. Street Level Dristhi
Look in the direction that you are going! Avoid looking down at your devices or looking in another direction. Develop a heightened awareness of your immediate surroundings.
5. Eat a meal in silence (even with someone else who’s company you enjoy!)

How often do we actually notice the taste and quality of what we are eating? Focus on the food. Offer and savor.

4. Reduce caffeine/sugar intake.
See if you get quieter…
3. Social Media Detox. Take a day (or longer) off of facebook and email!

Disconnect to reconnect to you.

2. Turn off your cellphone 1 hr before bed. Turn on your cellphone one hour after you get up.
Wireless devices draw your energy out, even the thought of communicating with others is imbedded into the object. To prepare for sleep, allow the mind to draw in, and withdraw from outer objects. When you get up, give yourself time to re-emerge before reaching for your cellphone.
1. Cultivate a daily meditation practice, and don’t miss a day.
There is no substitute for a daily practice of observing and quieting the mind. To establish a daily practice, you will have to find a guide and other like-minded friends nearby. Do not just learn from a book or an audio clip. There is no substitute for the advice and support of someone who is practicing what you wish to learn.
Extra credit: Keep silence for 24hrs.
– Jessica & Stéphane
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