Hatha Yoga Pradipika Essentials: Chapter 2 – Breath and the End of Breath


The International Triveni Teacher Training team is pleased to continue our first comprehensive bilingual on-line training on the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Continuing with Chapter Two, we will learn about breath, energy, and subtle body management.  Topics covered include the meaning and practice of pranayama and how to prepare the body for pranayama. We will also cover the dangers of improper pranayama and signs of improper pranayama or lung disorder, and how to treat it. Finally, we will cover the 6 kriyas and also the practice of kumbhaka or the inner capsule.

All classes will be available as streaming video both live and after the class meeting. You will also receive a 50-page manual. We strongly encourage you to attend live so that we can see you and you can ask questions.

NOTE: This Course is BILINGUAL – English/Mandarin

US date PST time

9/25 3-4:30pm
9/26 3-4:30
9/29 3-4:30
10/2 4-6pm
10/3 4-6pm
10/9 3-4:30
10/10 3-4:30
10/12 4-6
10/13 4-6pm
10/16 3-4:30
10/17 3-4:30
10/19 3-4:30
10/23 3-4:30
10/24 3-4:30
10/26 3-4:30
10/30 3-4:30

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