Consciousness and the Dismantling of Racism

Consciousness and the Dismantling of Racism


July 6-10 and July 13-17
on ZOOM (Link sent after registration)
M-F 9-9:40am Guided Meditation
(M-F 9:45-10:30am Teacher Training Track)
Monday + Wednesday 5-6:30 Lecture + Discussion with Nico

$50-$500 Sliding Scale General

$75-$750 Sliding Scale Teacher Training Track

Are we finally waking up now? Standing at the precipice of a Post-COVID, Post-George Floyd world, the overdue future of humanity is here. Now more than ever we have the unique opportunity to examine deeply our relationship to the world and ourselves. Instead of just watching your breath, apply your meditation tools to identifying and eradicating racist habituations and tendencies! We do not presume to have THE solution to racism. This workshop is the conscious response ability, a call to take responsibility for our own minds and how our thoughts, words, and actions shape the world around us.   

Your tuition will help to raise the seed money for Make Conscious LABS, a non-profit initiative to bring consciousness tools to BIPOC communities around the world. 

Let’s do the work together to confront and dismantle Racism as it exists in our own consciousness, and the institutions that we continue to support and perpetuate. You may think, I do not support it. Well, if you are a US citizen who pays taxes to the US government, you are supporting it. It is our civic responsibility to look at the country we are a part of and its racist institutions. It is our phenomenal responsibility as conscious practitioners to apply our tools to the world around us and the old belief systems we still grasp to. The time to confront them is now. The time to dismantle them is now.

Nico will be sharing with us his observations on how we can identify and confront racism in our society and institutions.

Jessica and Stephane will share tools that apply meditation specifically to identifying old belief systems and structures of consciousness as they perpetuate at the levels of thoughts and emotions. Rather than use mindfulness techniques simply just to watch the breath, learn how to apply mindfulness to identify patterns of “otherness” in our consciousness and ultimately eradicate racism from our own minds. Finally, we will look at how “otherness” is anchored in our built environment and what we can do to locate and dismantle those structures as well. 

The course includes an optional teacher training component and 20 page manual with simple techniques that we can master and share with others. Be the change and share the change. The teacher training track also includes the original Sanskrit source texts for the practices which ground the information and facilitate mastery. 


A few of the questions and issues that Nicholas will address:
What motivates racists? How does one begin to identify and confront racism? How does one arrive at identifying or quantifying race? Who is truly superior, and who inferior, and by what limits and criteria are these potenitals/qualities measured? What is the utility of race ideology and what are its consequences? Is any of this scientific? If it isn’t scientific, then why is anyone still using such a metric? What conditional or unconditional value can one potentially place on life of any kind; how does the value one places on life affect the quality of life that same one assigns to one “race” or another?
From the shocking moment I first discovered lives among mankind are not assumed to have equal value, I found I was in an urgent race against the clock to answer the above list of questions in addition to many others that arose as a result of my efforts I found these answers crucial to my lifelong quest in pursuit of realizing my own humanity. Join me as I lay bare the artifacts I gathered in this quest, and allow me to share them with you.

The Guided Meditations are based upon consciousness tools presented in the Yoga Sutra and the Bodhisattvacharyavatara. We will examine deeper and deeper levels of consciousness to systematically identify and dismantle habitual thoughts patterns. In the teacher training section we will also add on an investigation into the laws of karma, the growth and patterns of ignorance and how it permeates our mind and world. As part of the teacher training, we will also learn the Sanskrit source texts and basic vocabulary for speaking about subtle levels of awareness. We will also present and discuss different strategies for supporting others to work to dismantle racist structures of consciousness and create an inclusive and compassionate world view.
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