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Leadership Training

Introduce your team to the efficient transformative practices of Triveni. We inspire teams and leaders, giving them the tools to access and develop their own voice, allowing them to effectively make their unique contribution to the community. Through dynamically inclusive group experiences, meditation, body awareness, and creative exercises, your community will grow in confidence and ability.

Content Development

Creativity, contemplation, and critical thinking are important components of any continuing education experience. Triveni specializes in creating curricula and programs that will empower participants to excel in their chosen fields.


Triveni brings together the disciplines of mind/body training and creative process to transform and activate people, teams, and organizations.  Triveni creates custom curriculum and programming that reaches beyond the current framework of executive coaching, corporate training, and team building. Contact us for more info on what we can do for you and your company.

I bow before the noblest
of sages Patañjali

who brought serenity of
mind by his work on yoga,

clarity of speech by his
work on grammar

and purity of body by
his work on medicine.

Are you interested in working with Triveni?

The most important criteria is that your company’s core values are focused on elevating and illuminating others.

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