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Leadership Training

Introduce your students or employees to the powerful transformative practices of Triveni. These programs take existing leaders, or people looking to gain mastery in their field, and gives them the tools to develop their own wisdom and unique purpose. Through meditation, body awareness work, and creative practice, see individuals grow in confidence and ability.

Curriculum Development

Many contemporary educational systems have succumbed to the social and market pressures of a financially oriented world. Creativity, contemplation, and critical approaches to thinking are being exchanged for the myopic hyper-specialization of a more mechanistic world. Triveni specializes in creating curriculums that will enable students to excel in their chosen fields, but without giving up their more human characteristics.


Historically speaking, a yoga master is a multi-talented individual; someone who may indeed excel in their field of choice, but who has explored the many connections of their own studies with the myriad other fields of study. Triveni embodies this expanded view of Yoga, and has developed a methodology that embraces both Eastern and Western paradigms of education to create a whole person. Triveni creates custom curriculum and programming that reaches beyond the current framework of education.

I bow before the noblest
of sages Patañjali

who brought serenity of
mind by his work on yoga,

clarity of speech by his
work on grammar

and purity of body by
his work on medicine.

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