Triveni Yoga Physiotherapy (Knee)

This article was written by Stéphane Dreyfus and Jessica Kung Dreyfus The knee is a fascinating and complex creation in the human body. Because of its ligament staggered, less blood flow and more flexible characteristics, the knee is both a source of freedom and a potential source of pain. For our daily life and yoga exercises, we must [...]

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Triveni Yoga Physiotherapy Series (Shoulders)

A healthy person's shoulder joint is the body of all the joints in the most flexible, the largest range of activities of the joints. It consists of a very shallow ball and joint fossa, in the scope of activities almost no structural obstacles. But because of this, it is also one of the more fragile joints inside [...]

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Triveni Yoga Physiotherapy (Neck)

Keeping the neck healthy is extremely important to healthy, painless life. The neck symbolizes the bridge between sensibility and reason, and the neck is actually the bridge between the human heart and the brain. From the perspective of the subtle body, the base of the neck is the source of the upwind (UdanaVayu). This is the source of [...]

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Triveni Yoga Physiotherapy (The Spine)

Lumbar (L1-L5) is in the structure of the premise of support for the body can have a wide range of activities and the formation of the body parts. From the lower edge of the thorax to the upper edge of the pelvis, only the lumbar vertebrae are connected. Therefore, we can in the waist around the four [...]

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Yoga and the Subtle Body 瑜伽和精微身

  In general terms the subtle body is the energy in a living being that differentiates them from a corpse. Someone who has just died has the exact same number of protons, neutrons, and electrons, but something is missing. Even if we try to put electricity back into a dead body, we are as of [...]

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Basic Sanskrit for Yogis

Basic Sanskrit for Yogis By Jessica & Stéphane Dreyfus Triveni has created a Sanskrit primer specifically for yoga teachers. Combining thorough scholarship with an approachable system of study, Basic Sanskrit for Yogis also includes many asana images, pose names, and teachings on key mantras. The book is designed not only to make Sanskrit accessible [...]

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