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Our Approach

Triveni is a mind/body approach to yoga that combines asana, meditation and creative practice with a focus on the subtle body. The result is a profound transform in the practitioner, bringing them closer to ultimate freedom through a process of creative discovery.

The Triveni

Triveni also refers to a particular location in the body where three aspects of the subtle energetic body intersect. It is where a sacred experience overtakes a mundane experience.

Triveni is where you prepare yourself for radical transformation.


Triveni is a nexus for individual and collective self-actualization. 
Our integration of Eastern and Western paradigms of education, along with creative teaching methods, cultivates wise and compassionate leaders. 
All Triveni offerings, from yoga classes to silent retreats, from teacher trainings to consulting services, generate greater awareness and provide participants with the practices to achieve ultimate happiness.

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.


Meet the extraordinary individuals that contribute to the wisdom and function of Triveni.

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Jessica Kung Dreyfus


Stéphane Dreyfus


Tian Duo Duo

Asia Regional Manager, Teacher

Brenna Barry

North America Regional Manager, Teacher

Shannon Bronson

Designer & Teacher

Joy Yang

Teacher & Translator

Mark Trippetti

Director of Marketing

Teresa Wang

Financial Officer & Teacher

Zhao Zhao


Bristol Maryott


Kelly Lindsey


Ellen Huang